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We provide professional solutions in different domains with expert consultants and years of experience.

Web Application Development Services

Software development is our passion. We develop small to large scale, cross-browser compatible, secure and engaging web applications to make your work easier, quicker and much more efficient. Most of our experienced development team has worked on e-Government, NATO projects that serves millions of people and have vital functionalities. We got experience, discipline and knowledge to respond your needs and generate extra value for your business.

Desktop Application Development Services

We have years of experience to provide tailored services just for your needs. We offer expertise across all platforms and technologies. We also offer consulting for migrating your applications to a newer platform. Contact for robust, reliable enterprise-level systems with sophisticated functionalities yet simple and easy interfaces.

Cloud Computing Services

We provide SaaS solutions tailored just for you. We also provide Azure Services Consultancy for your applications or VM's. Team up with our experts to plan, build and maintain trusted cloud computing services for your company.

Network and System Solutions

Our experienced consultants will help you to create network topologies, install Microsoft products (Active Directory, Exchange, IIS etc), offer consulting on HP products (HP Blade architecture, Virtual Connection), and work on your needs for virtualization (Hyper-v, VMware). We also offer consulting for hardwares (HP, Cisco, Citrix, F5 LoadBalancer). We can design, deploy and install small to large scale server rooms based on your needs.

Database Solutions and Management Services

Databases are vital parts of softwares. A well designed and maintained database can make huge difference on performance. We offer consulting to provide best design for projects. We also observe and analyze your current architectures, structures, queries and offer tuning to improve efficiency of your resources.


Our dedicated team offers their experience and knowledge to achieve success through strategic, functional and process transformation that enables you to improve performance, effectiveness and reduce costs. We provide full range consultancy services from requirement analysis to IT infrastructure strategy.

About us

Luna ICT LTD is established in London, UK. The aim of the company is providing essential services to businesses, communications and IT services. We offer sophisticated solutions with simple interfaces.
Our team consists of seasoned developers, DBAs and experts with wide range of expertise. Most of the team members worked on high budget, team essential projects. We provided services for small scale (e-commerce websites, small ERPs, custom solutions) to large scale (e-Government, NATO applications) projects and now we are eager to share our experience with you!

How it works

Step by step work processes

Analysis &

We are aware of the importance of analysis and good planning for a healthy and successful project. We figure out your needs even if you haven't realized yet. We create a timetable for the work items to be right on the track.

Development &
Work Process

This is the step where magic happens! According to our analysis reports and project plan we start to create solutions for your needs. We constantly keep you informed about the process and show you completed screens which are approved by you while the planning step.

Acceptance &

We are also responsible for the deployment of the project after the development and tests are done and accepted. After you agree the project outcome is the product or service you requested we make sure it also runs perfectly on real platform.

Maintanance &

Yes, we deployed your project and it runs perfectly but we are not done yet! We also maintain the project technically and come up with better ideas to make it even better and well known.

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